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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

People ask us questions. Here are some of the most popular - at your fingertips.

NOTE: We receive quite a few emails. Please review the FAQs below before send our Contact Form. We may not be able to respond quickly to questions whose answers are covered below. If you have a matter of an urgent nature, please call, don't email. We do our best to respond to electronic communications daily, but this is not guaranteed. If you have an emergency or something urgent to discuss, please call or leave a voicemail and we will get back to you much more quickly!

Q: What towns do you serve?
A: We currently cover 14 towns (Ashburnham, Bolton, Clinton, Fitchburg, Gardner, Lancaster, Leominster, Lunenburg, Princeton, Shirley, Sterling, Templeton, West Boylston & Westminster. If your town is not listed, it's because it is outside of our service area.

Q: I live in a town not listed in your service area. Might you still come out to our home?
A: In order to provide the highest quality of service in the most timely manner, we must strictly adhere to our list of service towns and cities. Even if your home is just over the border of a town we service, we will be unable to take you on as a new client. Do Google your town and "mobile veterinarian" to find someone who can help you.

Q: Can you provide me with a cost estimate for exam, vaccines or other services for my dog or cat?
A: Absolutely! We'll need to do this over the phone since there are several questions we'll need to ask you in order to provide an accurate quote. Prices vary depending upon your location, breed and age of your cat/dog and lifestyle. (Lifestyle can affect which vaccines, heartworm prevention, etc... that we would recommend.) Please call us at 978 660-2407 and we will always be happy to discuss our prices and policies.

Q: Can you provide free or low-cost spaying or neutering?
A: We do not currently receive any grants that would allow us to provide free services to qualified low income families, so we apologize, but we are not able to provide low-cost spay & neutering services at this time.

Q: Do you also offer grooming services?
A: As a mobile veterinary hospital it's necessary for us to reserve appointment slots for medical care only. Unless your pet requires anesthesia for grooming procedures, we suggest you contact a mobile groomer by Googling your town and "pet grooming".

Q: Can you share Diet and Nutritional Advice for my pet?
A: Yes. We can even provide recipes that are appropriate for your animal. Watch Dr. Michelle's Pet Cooking Video with Chef Jim Yocum.

Chef Jim Yocum's Great Meals at Home - Pet Treats with Dr. Michelle Bianco