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What Happy Pets & Owners Have To Say

Photo of Mid-State Mobile Veterinary Clinic's Van

Since 2005, we've been happily serving pets and their owners in Central MA cities and towns within our service area. And we've received many compliments and testimonials. Thank you.

Join some of our longtime clients and experience that in-home veterinary care can result in quicker healing and more rapid anesthetic/surgical recovery, thanks to dramatically-reduced pet stess levels when they undergo procedures at home.

Our goal is to offer a unique level of veterinary care by emphasizing compassionate and thorough personal attention to all our patients. This can most easily be achieved when both pets and their families are in comfortable and safe surroundings.

Michelle Bianco, D.V.M.

Thank you to all our pet and owner clients for saying good things about Mid-State Mobile Veterinary Clinic and telling your friends. We wish we could include all of you on this page!

Anita & Carol's kitty
Anita and Carol from Leominster say:

"We have been utilizing the Mid-State Mobile Veterinary Clinic (MSMVC) for approximately 10 years now, and it was the best decision we ever made for our cats (and for our own peace of mind)! Dr. Michelle Bianco, Jackie, Beth are professional, personable, extremely helpful and immensely kind, and they provide a convenient (and less stressful) way for our cats to receive exceptional care without having to leave the comfort and security of their home! Whether it has been shots, blood work, IV fluids or dental work, the needed care is brought directly to us. And in those most difficult moments when it is time to let go of one of our beloved cats, Michelle and her team come to our home to provide this service in a compassionate and loving manner, permitting our cats to pass away peacefully in our arms. We can’t speak highly enough of the impact MSMVC has had on our cat’s lives and on our own lives, and we can’t imagine trusting our cat care to anyone else!"

Bart and jennifer's 2 huskies
Bart & Jennifer from Lunenburg say:

"Dr. Bianco and her team at MSMVC are PAWesome! Everyone we interact with is professional and sincere in their empathy towards us and whatever situation our beloved furballs end up putting us in! We feel our dogs are in great hands and the standard of care extends beyond the actual "exam" and is shown in the Team's attention to every aspect of care; from services provided to financial and treatment discussions, and especially in their responsiveness. We truly appreciate the steps the Team takes to ensure that our dogs receive the best care with the least amount of stress. We always feel that Dr. Bianco and MSMVC have our best interest in mind and provide us with the information necessary to make the right decisions for Loki and Ruby whether it is an immediate need or general day to day care."

Beth & Jeff's cats in lap
Beth and Jeff from Townsend say:

"We have been using Mid-State Mobile Veterinary Clinic’s services for 10 years now, and we have been extremely happy with Dr. Michelle Bianco and her assistant, Jackie’s care of our cats. We feel lucky to have found them when we had several cats and found it stressful to both them and us to corral them all, stuff them in their carriers, into the car and to the vet. Not only is it wonderfully stress-free to have our animals taken care of in our own home, but we feel that Dr. Bianco and Jackie (and also their assistant Beth) have only our and our cats' best interests at heart at all times. They respect our feelings and our commitment to our animals, and have given us nothing but excellent, reasonably priced care and advice. Over the years we have had to say goodbye to 5 of our beloved furrbabies, and it was such a comfort to be able to do that at home with kind and compassionate care. When we adopted a stray mom and her three kittens, we were amazed that our whole new brood could be spayed/neutered in their van right in our driveway! We now have “only” three 9 year old cats (the kittens we adopted) and even if we only had one we would continue to make MSMVC our vet of choice because of the quality of care. We wholeheartedly recommend Mid-State Mobile Veterinary Clinic to anyone with animals, especially multiples!"

Jim & Barbara's beagle
Jim, Barbara, Bella and Freckles from Shirley say:

"Dr. Michelle Bianco and her team have provided uniquely wonderful care for our beagles (and their humans) for many years now. Their care and compassion defy words. One of the special and unique aspects of their practice is that they bring their impressive (mobile) facility literally to our door. When “our beagle girls” were spayed by Dr. Bianco, over a decade ago now, they were able to recover in the comfort of our home – which made the process easier and more comfortable for all of us.

We give Dr. Bianco our highest recommendation – to friends, family, and anyone in need of animal care."

Renee's shepherd
Renee from Westminster says:

"Mid-State Mobile Veterinary Clinic with Dr. Michelle Bianco at the helm is best described as your best friend vet. They have gone above & beyond helping us with our pets so many times over the years I could write a book! From routine care to dental procedures, surgeries and yes, even the dreaded end stage goodbyes. Their compassion that is shown in all phases of our pet's life, not only to our pets but to us is second to none.

I would also add that I am in awe of Jackie, Dr. Bianco's veterinary technician. She is the best animal wrangler and she is flawless in stealth mode and works so fluidly with and around Dr. Bianco. They are a wonderful team and we are blessed to have them care for our animals!"

Claire & Corinne's black cats
Claire and Corinne from Gardner say:

"Dr. Bianco and the team at Mid-State Mobile are the best! They take wonderful care of our two cats, and Dr. Bianco has worked closely with us for months now to try to regulate our diabetic cat Oscar. She has been so helpful, patient and kind throughout. We have two special-needs cats and we know that they are in the very best hands with the Mid-State team!"

Cudak the dog
Barbara from Westminster says:

"Dr. Bianco, Jackie and Beth are the BEST team. We have been receiving their services in care of our pets since they first started the service.

  • They make the basics of routine visits so easy our dogs greet them like old friends when they arrive.
  • They offer so much compassion and comfort with the elder care of pets – we have had dogs and cats live well past the average lifespan because of the great support, guidance and advice offered by the staff at Mid-State mobile vet.
  • Whether we adopted a dog who required heartworm treatment, had to deal with pups with an urgent need to have porcupine quills removed, have an aging cat who seems to have forgotten how to eat or a dog who has reached the end of their life…. Dr Bianco and her team always treat each situation with a detailed eye on the best option.
  • They are open minded and offer individualized plans for pets – this means they will even combine standard and innovative practices –– you can feel the love they have when they work with you to treat your pet."
Deb from Leominster says:

"I have been bringing my dogs to Mid-State Mobile for a long time. Dr. Bianco and her team came highly recommended through word of mouth by many of my neighbors. I do not have the easiest dogs to care for, but she and her team always make caring them look easy. Dr. Bianco always goes above and beyond to make sure our visits are the least stressful as possible, answers all of my questions without judgement and cares for my dogs like no one else would. I am grateful to have chosen a veterinarian who is knowledgeable with the most up to date information, but more importantly who is compassionate and understanding.

Dr. Bianco, Thank you"