Happy Pets. Delighted Owners.

No More Shaking

Kinzee - Mini Schnauzer"Dr. Bianco and her staff really made our mini Schnauzer feel better about the "vet" experience. Kinzee no longer shakes or goes into panic mode when she needs either a shot or a check-up. Dr Bianco is compassionate, kind, and a total professional. She is the best vet we have ever had. I love the fact that she comes into our home and makes our pets feel safe...it is so much better that our pets are no longer stressed out from vet visits. The mobile van is very clean, actually spotless, and outfitted with state of the art equipment. Mid State Mobile Vet will be our choice forever!"

- Pat & Jan...Kinzee too!

In Love For a Decade

Husky"We love Mid State Mobile Veterinary Clinic and we have been with them for at least ten years. They are always on time and treat our pets like their own.

Even in emergencies, they're there as soon they can. We have big dogs and putting them in the car to drive to the vets just doesn't work. But having the vet come to us is so great."

- Ken and Sue

About Comfort

"Dr. Michelle Bianco and her assistant, Jackie, have been taking care of our pets for many years. I really cannot say enough nice things about them! They are a terrific team and have given excellent, loving care to our pets. Also the convenience of having Dr. Bianco come to our home is immeasurable. Our kitties are seen in the comfort of their own home which greatly reduces their stress levels (and mine!). I give Dr. Bianco the highest of recommendations!"

- Dr. Paula and family

A Real Godsend

Rocky"Mid-State Mobile Veterinary Clinic has truly been a Godsend for our rescue dog Rocky, my husband and I. When Rocky was 3-4 months old we took him for his first vet appointment and they cut his toenails so improperly that it caused him much trauma and pain. He was a rescue, so we also believe there might have been other issues that contributed to his sudden overwhelming fear of needles and anything else to do with a typical vet's office. In fact,our lovable, affectionate and kind pet would literally turn into Kujo the minute we would try to take him into any veterinary office.

A friend suggested that I call the Mid-State Mobile Clinic Van and have them come to our house so that he might feel more comfortable in his own environment. I did just that and, as they say. "The rest is history". Dr. Michelle Bianco and her assistant Jackie are the kindest and most patient pet professionals I know. They really took their time and first made Rocky feel as if he was just visiting with friends. Ultimately, they were able to give him his necessary check-ups and vaccinations. I have also had an occasional situation when I needed help or had questions concerning Rocky and Michelle was quick to get right back to me.

Last year our cat Justin was very ill and we knew it was time to let him go on to the Rainbow Bridge. The Mid-State Mobile staff was right there to assist us with his passing and made it as comfortable as possible for Justin, my husband and I. Justin died peacefully on the bed he was used to in a loving environment and in his own home. I am forever indebted to them for the kindness and support we received that fateful day.

Suffice it to say, we are and will always be, satisfied customers of Mid-State Mobile Veterinary Clinic. Their services are top notch and the convenience of having your pet's doctor appointments conducted in your own home is priceless. A big Thank You to Dr. Michelle and Jackie! Rocky sends lots of licks too!"

- Joan

Perfect Alternative

Michelle and Michael's Pets"Your mobile Veterinary Clinic has been a perfect alternative to a standard
Veterinary Office. Dr. Bianco has been our family Veterinary for the past seven years. We have 4 pets in our family two beautiful Kitties and two energetic Labrador Retrievers. An appointment with the mobile vet is an ideal experience and is a completely stress free appointment for both the pets and parents. There is no stressful car ride or the anxiety of a waiting room, basically there is no change in our daily routine.

My Kitty Isabel has had a couple procedures in the Mobile Clinic. Isabel received outstanding medical care and was able to recover at home. I truly believe a home recovery was beneficial to Isabel. When my dog Simone was ill she was diagnosed and treated at home with unbelievable care and

In my experience the Mid State Mobile Veterinary Clinic has met all of our
expectations as well as being flexible and convenient. We are extremely fortunate to have both Dr. Bianco and Technician Jackie; they are extremely dedicated and knowledgeable. We highly recommend the Mid State Mobile Veterinary Clinic."

- Michelle and Michael

We're Particular

Onyx and Arizona"When my wife and I moved to the area from CT, the care for our 2 cats was of the utmost importance to us. I have only had one Vet in the past that cared for all of our families animals for 45 years. To say that we are particular about who cares for our pets is an understatement. When we found Mid-State Mobile Veterinary Clinic we were ecstatic. We live in a very remote area, and a long car ride would be very stressful for our pets. Having quality care that can be administered in the comforts of our home is awesome, a true blessing! Mid-State Mobile Veterinary delivers! I cannot speak highly enough about Michelle and Jackie. They treat my cats, like their own. They are always just a phone call away, and really go the extra mile to ensure my cats are given the best care and love possible. They are a class act, and we are very fortunate to have them as our Vet!"
- Steve & Correna (and Onyx & Arizona)

Security for This Former Shelter Cat

"My beautiful black cat Moxie is a shelter cat who was abused. Visiting the vet was terror-ridden for Moxie. First, he needed to be in a pet carrier and then he needed to ride in the car. Getting him into the pet carrier was a major and exhausting feat for both of us. When in the car, he would cower in the carrier and be mute. Trips to the vet were crisis days.

After some research, I learned about the Mid-State Mobile Veterinary Clinic. Michelle and Jacqueline came to the house. I had Moxie in the large bathroom. Moxie had a physical assessment and his shots. He was happily weighed. He was talked and stroked during this. No more crises.

Since the first visit, he has had surgery in the Mobile Clinic in the driveway, recovered until awake with Michelle and Jackie and then brought into the house. I received explicit discharge instructions and pain medication for Moxie. Moxie is in really good hands now and so am I. Thank you."
- Jane

Very Convenient

Henri"Mid-State Mobile Vet makes it very convenient to obtain the proper care for our dogs. Michelle and Jackie are great with "the boys" and truly care about the animals and the service they provide. We highly recommend Mid-State Mobile Vet to anyone looking for great care for their pets."
- Jeff and Donna

Same Ole Same Ole!

Rana's Black Cat at rest"All testimonials tend to sound the same, but I honestly can not say enough good things about the Mid-State Mobile Veterinary Clinic. I contacted them initially because my cat doesn't like traveling in cars and that's an understatement!

However, not only do I now have the convenience of a home visit, I also found an excellent veterinarian in Dr. Bianco. She's patient and intelligent, taking the time to answer questions and explain treatment options. The care she provides is both reasonable and thoughtful. The facilities are first-rate, which you might not expect from a mobile clinic, and their veterinary technician Jackie, is great as well (very gentle with my sweet cat). Vet visits are much less stressful for all of us - we are definitely in good hands!"

- Rana

The 3 Goldens

3 Golden Retrievers"We love Mid State Mobile Veterinary Clinic! Dr. Bianco and Jackie give our three Golden Retrievers the best of care. Aside from not having to take our three dogs to a vet's office, the biggest advantage is they are treated in our home with no stress. We appreciate not only the convenience but the personal attention Dr. Bianco and Jackie give Duffy, Daisy and Charlie. You have always gone above and beyond for us...Thank you!"

Bill & Sandra


"We love the ease and convenience of the MidState Mobile Vet. They come right to the house, no waiting and excellent care right in the home."

With Gratitude,
- Malcolm

Give Pug a Hug

Pug"Mid State Mobile Veterinary Clinic was recommended to us by both a neighbor and a few family members who sang their praises for their friendly service and amazing pet care. I was curious and a bit skeptical how the quality of care that a mobile veterinarian would provide could compare to a traditional vet. Our family could not be more pleased! We have been using Mid State Mobile for a few years now for our 2 cats and our Pug. The convenience of having the vet come right to your house relieves that stressful and anxiety prone drive that the pets typically dread. Instead, our Pug gets so excited when he sees the white Van pull up and Michelle and Jackie come to greet him that he can't stop wagging his curly tail...!"

- Gregory & Kimberly

Petrified No More!

"All three of my dogs are petrified of going to vet hospitals. They shake and are extremely nervous the whole time the are there. I can't tell you what a great experience vet visits are now for them with Michelle and Jackie coming to the house. They get so excited and are so happy to see her by jumping and licking, tails wagging. What a great experience all around, not to mention she is also a very compassionate and knowledgeable vet. I couldn't recommend more highly a veterinary service than Mid State Mobile Vet."

- Marcy

More Than Convenience

Dave and Dawn's Kitty"When I first started using Michelle @ Mid State Mobile Vet, it was initially for the convenience, but it quickly became apparent that Michelle treats every pet as if it were her own, and she listens to the needs and concerns of her customers. She is able to work with you for appointments that are convenient to both, and we couldn't be happier with her and her staff."

- Dave & Dawn

Schlepping Begone!

"We started using Mid-State Mobile Veterinary Clinic with Dr. Michelle Bianco and her assistant, Jackie, about 3-4 years ago when they were recommended to us by a friend. We have always had several cats, and schlepping them all to a clinic in town was a major ordeal for us and our pets. In addition, we had become unhappy with the care we were receiving when one of our cats became very ill and eventually died. We have been completely happy with our new choice!

Not only is it wonderfully stress-free to have our animals taken care of in our own home, but we feel that Dr. Bianco and Jackie have only our and our cats' best interests at heart at all times. They respect our feelings and our commitment to our animals, and have given us nothing but excellent, reasonably priced care and advice through the loss of 2 more of our senior cats, the addition of a stray Mom and her 3 kittens, and the behavioral problems that ensued due to their adoption! We were so grateful to be able to say goodbye to our elderly friends at home, and amazed that our whole new brood could be spayed/neutered in their van right in our driveway! We wholeheartedly recommend Mid-State Mobile Veterinary Clinic to anyone with animals, especially multiples!"

- Beth and Jeff

NOTE: Thank you for all of the lovely testimonials and photos we receive. We include as many as we possible can and thank our clients and friends for their generous sharing and giving.

- Dr. Michelle & Jackie